Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Misc WODs in New Mexico.

Anyway, while away (to New Mexico), I took my friend Bill K. Bell with me. Didn’t get a workout in every day, but got this done:

I’ll have pictures up later, but here’s what I did:


kb swings (1.5 pood)
overhead lunge

in the hotel parking lot. Got some freak stares.

Hill Grief:

3 rounds

hill sprint (at 6000 feet. Quite unpleasant, shorter, but steeper than the Brand X hill (my portion anyway))
21 kb swings.

After I was done I realized I should have done “Mountain Helen” As I warmed up with some dead hang pullups off the side of the cabin . . . doh!

Park workout: There was a cool fitness trail, and I mean, pretty cool: pullups, step ups/lunges, back xtn, dip walk/dips, so did some pullups and evidently caused a whole family to stop and watch. And I’ve got crap pullup numbers but I rolled through some sets of 10. You forget how freakish we can look to the uninitiated . . . , max pushups, then made Texaswifey do a mile hike but as a buddy farmer’s carry. She no longer likes the bell . . . .

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