Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 2, CFSB, AM Deads


Note to self . . . need more weight . . .

12-9-6 @175lbs

I know, ideally, this should be a PR type effort, but my 5 rep max is 231. I don't know what my top 3 rep max is. Although hard, I may get froggy next week and try the

Interesting. I took video. I'm not sure about my back position. I need to see some else to see if I'm holding it correctly. I also seem to have a problem with raising my hips before the bar, at least on the first rep of any given set. Additionally, and I THOUGHT I was paying attention to this, but it doesn't look like I'm getting my shoulders back, hips forward at the top of the rep. I know it FELT like it. My questions are whether my shoulders are enough forward of the bar, and whether my back position is good. It's not fishpole rounded, but I need to see what it's supposed to look like to know if I'm in the ballpark.


Anonymous said...

hey man... I'm checking with a friend of mine about some weights. I'm pretty sure he has some olympic weights he wants to get rid of, if so you're welcome to them. They'll be the metal plates like Sports Authority sells.

TexasPatrick said...

Oh yeah! So long as they've got the giant Oly holes.

What, did you convince him to start Crossfitting like a man?

So far, I don't need bumper plates, but for some overhead type things, and I'm waiting on Troy to piggyback on those.