Friday, August 8, 2008

Danes . . . sheesh

Watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

Say what you will (and they're vile) but the ChiComs are putting on a spectacle . .

But . . . All the countries are doing the walk into the stadium. Some great local garb . . then the Danes come in . . . wearing jean shorts and polo shirts . . . I'm sorry . . after the suits and traditional garb . . they looked well, like schlubs . . .


DougK said...

Great! Just when I get convinced that I'm watching it live, I find out that Matt Lauer has mislead me. Again.

I guess this is the penalty of living in the mountain time zone.

Doug K

Anonymous said...

What drove me crazy and eventually to going sound off was the battle of "I have more minutae notes on my cue cards than you" between Lauer and Costas.

A close second was the constant explanation of the countries not being in alphabetical order.