Monday, August 4, 2008

Kettlebells . . . the pood Plus!

Kettlebell WOD at Crossfit Plano, TX


3 rds

2 TGUs
4 Figure 8s with catch and hold
6 Russian Swings

Workout: amrap in 15 minutes

9 Russian Swings (24kg)
6 clean complex (kb clean + front squat, 24kg)
3 Burpees (Ha! I eat burpees for breakfast . . .and lunch, little zone burpee snack, then dinner)
6 snatch complex (kb snatch + overhead squat) 16kg
9 pullups

3 rounds + 3 snatch complex . . .

Cash out = Farmers walk + waiters carry = one arm overhead with 16kg, other hand holding 24kg, walk 50 meters, reverse hands, walk back.

Here's the deal with the weights. For the longest time, I have been using the 16kg bell. It's great. Problem is it's too light now . . . the other problem, as I've mentioned before we only have one 20kg bell in the gym. So I split the difference.

I used the 24kg on the exercises I could get away with, but the snatch was a little too much as well as the over head squat portion of the complex. So 16 it is.

Of course, now my back is a little tweaked. Then again, it's been sore since about 20 days into the burpee challenge. yay. Burpees.

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