Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pullup Bars and other things . . . like pullups . .

Update: Pics on the pullup bars are coming . . . as soon as I find the digital camera battery charger . . . doh!!
21-15-9 squats and pullups

6:34 . . .

JDG style post: 2:20/2:18/1:56

Last Fran . . . @ 65 . . . 6:52 . . . .

But first a note about the pullup bar.

After thinking it over and talking with Kempie I finally settled on a solution . . . or so I thought.

I drilled two pipe sized holes through the cross beams on the swing set, and managed to get pipe through the holes, with flanges on one side, and the pipe sticking out the other. Then I attached 45 degree angles and 8 inch or so sections of pipe and attached that to a 4 foot main section (oh and it was VERY ship in a bottley . . do this before this and twist this) but finally got it up. It was a thing of beauty . . . was . . . the main bar was just a touch above my highest reach I could swoop a kip like no bodies business . . . and if I had done ten more I would have probably torqued the crossbeam right off the supports . . . I had, my friends, invented a lever for removing a cross beam from a swingset over time.

So I backed off . . . took down what I has assembled . . . then realized I could just put the 4' bar on the bits of pipe and flange I had put through the beam. Viola . . . it worked.

I was worried about my kip, but turns out I can kip like a mo-fo . . . till I get tired anyway (actually got a quick muscle cramp from it today). And i'm not torqueing the bar from above, but rather on the side, where I"m not twisting it so hard.

It still seems hard on the hands, but I'm probably just being a pooosey as Red would say . . . BUT it's WAY less hard on the hands than the 3/4" bar was. Much less. And it's what all the garage cfitters are doing anyway.

So now I'm going to try and get my max repeatable sets up. Sheesh. I find it funny that my Fran time WITH thrusters is about 15 seconds slower than just doing squats and pullups. AND the pullups took about the same amount of time for 21 as they did for15 and 9 . . .. Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

not to imply that your description of your handiwork blows but...... when are you going to post a picture of this finely crafted apparatus?

TexasPatrick said...

I don't think my digital camera is charged and I can't find the charger . . .

I'll see what I can do though.

Chris said...

Oh man, I must admit I was a little fraid of that whole leverage thing happening ... Doh!! Look forward to seeing pix though