Tuesday, August 19, 2008

God Bless the Kiwis . . .

I wonder if this is Metric's motorcycle club?


metric said...

No, but some of our members may have been there.
My step-son went to watch it as any heterosexual 23 yo male with time on his hands would.
He's supposed to be sending me pictures so I can pass them on to the guys at work who were extremely put out that it didn't co-incide with Tech-ed (annual Microsoft technical conference) as it had in past years. Normally the crowd would be boosted by several thousand pasty face geeks on their lunch-break from the the conference.

TexasPatrick said...

Ha, what would we call that, Techies and hmm, Oh! Nerds and Birds!

Well, anyway, something like that.

I"m still cracking up over the Scottish Beer goggles study. I sent Davy my warmest thanks that they were doing gods work . . .

Drinkin in the Day said...

just a little flashback from the kiwi's visit.

Setting: Parking lot of the RMI

Lynette: Its still warm!
Metric: take of your clothes
Me: that's your solution for everything.
Metric: that's what Lynette always says.


LauraR said...

oops posted with my alcholic blog