Thursday, August 21, 2008

DEATH by pullup!!!

With a continuously running clock do one pullup the first minute, two the second, until you can't complete a round.

10 complete rounds, plus 9 pullups in the 11th minute.

Hmm, not to much to say about this one, other than my new pullup bar is worlds better than the old one. I kip just fine . . . managed to do a ctb pullup so hard it shook the swingset and rattled it so loudly that a mama dove in one of our little oak trees freaked (she's got this great nest where by standing on the step ladder to the trampoline you can see her two little eggs in there. Hope they grow up before winter comes . . .

Additionally, I think part of my kipping problem with my previous bar was grip, or lack thereof, being it was a much smaller bar and thus hurt to hang onto. This bar is much easier to hold but i get more workout in my forearms and grip, which is good. At some level that tends to be what keeps me from getting another rep . . . oh, that and the oh, lack of strength . . . Also toughening up the hands, which helps.


Joel B said...

I love that WoD!

good job. your new bar is serving you well.

but, where are the d4mn photos?

TexasPatrick said...

Yeah, pictures. Dang. Left my camera battery charger at my dad's house in Utah and he's sending it . . . . hopefully I get it in a couple days.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hmm! so, you can throw impulse money away for obsolete technology like the high def DVD player but when you need to post some pictures it's your dad's fault... and here I was thinking you were Fine as cream gravy when really you're just a Mudsill