Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, yes, for the love of god . . .

Let's get gas prices down!!! P Diddy is flying gasp first class!!

By all means . . . we need to help this doofus spend his money faster . . .


Joel B said...


TexasPatrick said...

html trouble . . . .

TexasPatrick said...

all better now . . .

Joel B said...

i don't get the post about puffy. im not cool, oh well.

but again, i'll use your blog for my thoughts:

i don't zone. i'm sorry. i just won't assimilate that far. i try not to each processed carbs, but i have gotten into a routine that works for me.

anyway.. thats not the point.

before you stop reading and decide this post is boring... i'll give you a preview: its about STINKY FARTS.. we're talking rotten eggs here folks.

so i'm pretty sure that i've narrowed it down to protein powder.
(wait, don't bail yet.)

breakfast for me is one of two things. a burrito made with "egg beaters", a piece of fruit and some nuts or cottage cheese, fruit and nuts if i remember.

mid morning i have a protein shake and an apple and some nuts.

lunch is leftovers.. a protein plus a big helping of vegetables.

i have another protein shake and nuts and fruit for afternoon snack.

dinner is blah blah blah (figure it out from the leftovers part earlier)

anyway in the evenings i have the worst gas. i probably have it all day, but i've got a fan on the floor in my cube so i probably wouldn't notice the smell of farts i let.

but at home... that's a different story. i'll be sitting on the couch watching tv and think nothing of letting one go.

it pisses my wife off, but im childish/immature and i think it's funny.

it literally smells like rotten freakin' eggs. they are so bad.

i even gross myself out sometimes.

i'll get to the point.

hypothesis: too much protein results in gas.
furthermore, the more excessive the protein intake, the worse the gas.

now. why do i think this? two reasons: 1.) i recently ran out of powder and my exhaust output decreased significantly. 2.) sometimes my schedule of having a shake ~2 or ~2.5 hours after one meal and before the next gets thrown out of whack on the weekends cuz i sleep late or get sidetracked and forget to have a shake.

anyway. thats my theory.

thanks TP.. for giving me a voice.


Joel B said...

ok. your post makes sense now that the link is fixed.

but as far as i am concerned:
celebrity=hypocrite (for at least 95% of them)

mini rant:
why do people who actually work for a living care what people who play make-believe for our entertainment think?

message: actors know shxt about real life.

fsck. I really need my own blog. but, people like rachel lucas set the bar too high.

TexasPatrick said...

Oh man, Rachel can rant like nobody's bidness. She's a local girl too. Well, local by Dallas standards . . . kind of like 20 miles away . . .

Anyway, yeah, I just thought it was funny: bring gas prices down so I don't have to fly with people!!!

And "my brothers and sisters in Saudi arabia" Uh, first off, women there can't even DRIVE. So I don't know what you expect them to do in between beatings or whatever, and brothers? Um. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

it's bad enough when gas prices cause some families to have to skip meals, turn off A/C in the oppressives heat and get 2nd, 3rd and 4th jobs... but by God, when Puff Daddy has to start flying commercial airlines.... now THAT'S! when the price is to high... I'm just glad he had the guts to show everyone how he is having to sacrifice.