Saturday, August 30, 2008

Painstorm XXXV-Thanks you Scottish MONKEYS!!

I think Troy modded this up a bit to make it work, but here goes our version (subs in parens):

800 meter run
21-15-9 Power Clean 135lb (111 lbs), Ring dips
800 meter run
21-15-9 Deadlift 225lb (177lbs), HSPU (pike off of 24" tire)
800 meter run
21-15-9 shoulder press 135lb (67lbs) ohs @ 95lb (67lbs)
800 meter run

1:12:12 . . .

Okay, we did a different 800 meter route and when I measured it in the car it was more like 3.5 tenths to the half way point . . . so it was about 7/10 of a mile . . . NOT 800 meters. That would account for the fact that it was like 5:30 for the first of us coming in the door. Trainer Steve is like "oh, that's more than 800 meters . . . " Ya think? :-) (Wasn't his fault . . . I blame little Chris!!)

So, instead of running, what, 3.2 kilometers, we ran like 4.5 . . . ugh. That'll leave a mark.

And I think the original was bench press body weight, then ohs. I don't understand the scale to 135 shoulder press, that seems a bit much. But it wasn't like I was gonna do that much anyway.

Oh, and this thing filtered for character HARD . . . particularly the middle round with the deads . . . ugh almighty.


Anonymous said...

did you run to the stop sign and back for the 800? like I did on the Memorial Day Murph? if so, I've been pretty certain that was more than 800m, that's a loooong block.

oh.... and, sorry I missed it... HAAAAhahahaha!!!!

TexasPatrick said...

Dude, in the car on the odometer, it was .3 to the corner and .4 halfway between that corner and the one to turn left to go to the quickie mart there on Jupiter. I'm gonna check it on "map my runs". It was NOT 800 meters. You are partially vindicated . . . but you shoulda been there today, I even came to the early class (although, I think the 10 am class is letting out now . . . . ).