Tuesday, August 26, 2008



3 rounds
3 box jump burpees
6 kb snatch (16) kg.
9 pullups
12 ball slams (20lbs)



HSPU (Piked hspus progression went from feet on box using paralletes, to feet on box)
Ring Dips (did positives until failure then went with negatives, which ended up being 10 + 11-, 5+ 10-, and 3+ 6- over the three rounds)


This was tough.

I think I was making noise from the 5th hspu.

I'm not sure if I went about it right, really. I went for the highest ability I could manage until I hit failure.

HSPUs: Used parallettes with feet on a box for the first 21, and the next 7 before I hit failure. Very hard on the parallettes. So went to feet on box for the rest. Very hard.

Ring Dips: I was surprised when I got up on the rings and went straight to the ground. I've been able to do ring dips before, but somehow the harder parallette hspu killed me. I was shaking and did as many as I could before I went to negatives, which just burned.

Pushups, yeah, hard.

Cash Out:

tgus one each side for 16, 20kg
kb snatch practice 6 each arm 16, 20, 24kg.


Anonymous said...

Your experience on the ring dips was exactly what I went through doing dips on the parallettes with my feet on the floor. I did 3 of the 21 and was already toasted from my shoulder presses. And when I was trying to do those dips all I could think of was "I've done these before and they're not THAT hard!"

TexasPatrick said...


I was making whiny noises from the first hspu . . .