Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The great Mattress Identity Theft . . .

Dopey credit card fraud story:

Got a Macy's card. Not because we wanted to, but because they offered a little discount and for some reason we didn't bring the credit card we wanted to bring to the store (we were buying a couch).

And it's not like we used the PHYSICAL card. We just used the number for the first transaction (and again a second time . . . evidently we loves us some Macy's furniture).

So we get this month's statment, and the Minister of Finance sees there's a charge on there for a Mattress at another Macy's.

Weird. I mean, WHO commits fraud for a mattress? Was it delivered? Where? Where they gonna pawn it? Is it an inside job? Don't see how it couldn't be, unless, like I said, it was a mistake . .

It could be a mistake. But it's funny . . . unless we have to pay for it.

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Anonymous said...

dang it! I told them I wanted a mistress not a matress!!