Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PM Deads on Tues CFSB

Because the deads didn't go up in the AM I tried to do them over pm style . .

So heres what we ended up with:




12-9-6 at 185

Again, broke the 185 set at 6. Odd, I got the 175 and 165 but 185 KILLS my grip.

Second note. They were most assuredly ugly ugly ugly DLs.

Which brings me to third note: Ego, left at door.

I simply cannot hold my back in the correct position at this weight. I'm going to back off. It won't affect much else I need to do, so it will be worthwhile. I'll start next week with a progression from 100 to 130 or there abouts. I'll do my long set at 110 or somesuch.

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