Saturday, December 27, 2008

CFSB Shoulder Press and Metcon Week 5 rotation 2

Shoulders and grip . . .

Shoulder Press


then 12-9-6 @70lbs

20 or so minutes later

10 minutes AMRAP

5 thrusters
7 hpc
10 sdhp all at 65lbs

6 rounds plus a couple odd thrusters . . . .

Have I mentioned lately how I hate sdhp, and how much more I hate them with a bar, and not a kettlebell?

This was odd. I got the first round and just wanted to give up. Everything I've touched this week has like extra gravity. So after the first set of thrusters and all, I set the bar down to shake out the arms and just looked at the bar for way too long. Got disgusted with myself and threw myself back into it. Happy with the 6 rounds. Don't think I would have kept that up for a whole 20 minutes, as the grip was going going gone by the time I was done. But I would have skanked out 3 more rounds probably. So now I have to get 7-8 rounds next time. ;-)

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