Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Squats and Grace CFSB

Lordy, finally back.

Came down with some crud that just wiped me out for a week. Finally felt like my old self yesterday so gave it a day.

Heavy Squats, just to get back into it


All for good depth.

Then 20 minutes later, Grace, @105, power cleans, anyway overhead


I think I could pick up a lot more time, but wasn’t rushing it (like the one previously). And I’m still coughing up now a half hour later . . .

Ten pounds = two minutes . . . so a rx’d would be oh, what 6 more minutes? wink

Here’s the previous Graces

11/6/08, power cleans, 3:12
2/3/2008, power cleans, 75lbs, 3:59
11/17/2007, 60lbs @ 5:28
9/23/07, 65lbs, 11:09
6/27/07 at 67lbs 9:33

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