Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fight gone Badder . . .

Crossfit Plano, Suffer on Saturday

Fight Gone Bad . . . practice . . . . long story . . . Wink

Three rounds of one minute each of:

Subs noted:

Wall ball 20lb reps (16lb)
SDHP 75lbs (55lbs)
box jumps
push press 75lbs (55 lbs)
Row (calories)

273 points - PR Smile

did the pack scale, as noted.

Previous FGB, 9/29/07, 258 points (and I show I did a 35lb sdhp . . . which is odd. I don't know if I wrote it down wrong, or did it wrong . . .)

Now, either I did write it down wrong, and did the 55lbs and got the 258 OR, I did do 35lbs, and got the 258.

Don't matter a bit because I still cranked out 15 more reps this time. However, if I did the 35lbs last time, on the sdhps, the increase is more impressive, because by adding more weight, I still went up. Even so, I can't complain one way or another.

I'm not sure what my goal should be on this. I'm really close to 300 on the pack scale. Considering I do porch more often than not, I don't know if I should go to the rx'd weights, and just chug through knowing that I'll take it in the shorts on the 20lb increase on the sdhps and the push press. Still . . . if I dropped to half reps on those, say 8 instead of 15-16, I'd be down by like 50 points. Somewhere around a 230-240. If I didn't lose that much, I could get a 250.

Getting a 250 as rx'd, within several months of doing that at pack is a huge increase in lots of things. Anyway, sumpin to think about.

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Anonymous said...

good work!! I know what you mean about questioning something recorded previously. that's what happened on my 5k... now, as far as not rockin' today... well, I'd like say I had a compelling reason but, it was just one of tbose days I didn't feel like getting out of the house....