Monday, March 17, 2008

Hells Kettlebells . . . .

Cool day at crossfit.

Kettlebell class.


10 "halos" (each way, so around the head both ways)
10 swings (american)
10 goblet squats

Then a pullup ladder warm up, everyone did one pullup, then two, etc. up to 8.
So, 36 total. That's kinda cool.

Then the big show, which had a weird (weirder than normal for cfit) rep scheme.

21-7-15-5-9-3 of

SDHP @ 32kg
Russian Swings @ 32kg
Box Jumps

I scaled down to 24kg

9:10 (first one done! ha! Means I need to go to the full deal next time . . )

Interesting, in that you get a long rep set, then a short one. I didn't have to break the sets, but did take some rests between exercises. But it was fast, so there wasn't as much muckin' about.

And this was the third hard workout in three days. I'm looking forward to my rest day like nobody's business.

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