Monday, March 17, 2008

Week three, in da zone . . .

Quick facts:

Days in the zone: 23

Starting weight: 179
Weight this morning 170 (and a smidge.)

So three weeks, 9 lbs or so (most in the first two weeks, and slowing down now).

Downsides: measuring out everything. I can get really hungry fast if I go too long without eating. Note to self, I need to take a snack to church, because that don't work . . .

Upsides: I want more information, but my workouts are going really well. I mean, I get tired, they are crossfit workouts, after all, but there is something different. I want to see how it goes for a couple weeks, but I'd like to know if this will last.

Next up: Fish oil supplements. ;-) I've heard you can get it orange flavored! Yay!

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