Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not joshin' at all . . .

Couldnt make it to the gym tonight, so I did what Crossfit Plano did yesterday when I was resting:


I used the Brand X pack scale for a couple reasons: First, I hadn't taken any weight overhead in a loooong time. But I didn't want 75lbs, and our next scale at the Pound, would have been 55lbs. Had I been at the gym, I would have done a scale on the board so that I could compare with others, but since I was doing it on my own, it was just easier this way.

21 ohs @65lbs
42 pullups
15 ohs
30 pullups
9 ohs
18 pullups


First time doing Josh, so I took it "easier" than I will next time. I think I got to 15 ohs in the first round before having to break the set. It all disintegrated on the pullups. I can take a lot off this time.

Couple of notes: ohs were fine, if a bit shaky. Next time: solid core, drop down, weight on heels. There were "balance issues". But, since it's been months since I've been willing to hold an ohs, it was okay.

Pullups were just plain weird: my grip was losing it and preventing me from doing more faster. It was weird, like I could always make the pull, but if I started losing grip, my hands would give way before i could kip and pull over the bar.

Like I mentioned, I think I could do a lot better on this than I did in this round. I wasn't in near enough pain. =8-)

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