Monday, March 24, 2008

Outta da Zone . . .

Zone update:

I went into this diet not trying to be a masochist. Most diets tend to be such all or nothing affairs, it's no wonder you fall off the wagon at some point.

Also something to keep in mind, is that this whole thing is like anything physical related, it's an experiment of one: No one training regimen, diet regimen, will be perfect for you without a little good old fashioned trial and error, with correction.

So, I wanted to experiment, and with Easter Sunday yesterday, I went off the zone for 24 hours.

I had pizza and drinks Saturday night, had Easter dinner on Sunday with Mom, and had ham, potatoes, jello, crescent rolls, etc, no measured portions, etc.

Today I'm up 5 lbs. Ha!!!

There is NO way I put on 5lbs in fat overnight. So most of that is probably excess water held by my need to process the jinormous amount of carbs I ingested.

It was fun, but I don't know I'll do that again for a while. If I cheat, I'll probably just do a small one meal cheat.

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Anonymous said...

I think the truffle post helps explain the 5lb gain...... sneaking gifted chocolates..... tsk tsk tsk... shoulda hit you with 15lbs