Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Inside Outside Upside Down

Today's WOD:

30 HSPU (negatives)
10 pullups
20 pullups
30 pullups


I scaled to porch, which was negative hspus.

Really fun workout. Of course, I had no grip by the end, so on the drive home, every time I turned the steering wheel one handed, that hand would cramp up . . .

Training notes: pullups felt really strong the whole workout. I broke them into sets of 5, and at the end down to threes, but I was recovering really quick, for me anyway. Good day.

Actually managed to whip out the pullups fast enough that I actually got the nausea feeling. What's sick is it made me happy. That means that I'm actually doing them fast enough in rapid succession to keep my intensity high and my metabolic distress right where it oughta be . . .


Anonymous said...

great work! I found that I am right at a threshold on today's... if I was to move up to 30 or 35# dumbbells and/or do band pull ups it would have been a 20 minute workout...

oh yeah... did you see the absolutely insane times Troy and Shayne put up on the RX'd version?!!! ay caramba!!!

TexasPatrick said...


Shayne and Troy are not human, they were sent to earth by an advanced race of crazy fit aliens. There is no rational explanation . . .