Friday, March 7, 2008

Stop the shoulder presses!!

Yesterday's wod.

w/u and Skill work: double unders Got 10 with the two hop technique: i.e. hop hop doubleunder hop hop

Got 5 with the one hop technique: i.e. hop doubleunder hop

And got two consecutive . . . Also got one dog (she got too close) and one weedeater (I got too close to the wall . . . )

I was jumping in the garage, much to my son's delight and the dog's chagrin . . . but she won't wander so close next time. :-)

(Oh don't worry, it was just a flesh wound . . . )

Besides, practicing jumprope for 10 minutes is more fun than chugging outside in an ice storm and trying to run around the block, and I can do it and "watch" the kids, though I think officially the kids were watching me and/or tv.

Shoulder press:

5x95(f, 3x) That ticked me off. Everything else practically flew up. So . . tried again
5x95 (f, 4x) at least I got four reps . . . Gah.

Maybe I shouldn't have done the pike presses to warm up beforehand . . .

But this is an area of weakness.

Practicing my deads has brought them up quickly. Squats have likewise come up quickly. Shoulder press needs more work. I want a 135lb press . . . . eventually. Nice round number . . . . therefore, reasonable attention to this ought to produce similar gains.


Chris said...

Yes, another convert!! Do not be satisfied with lifting things from the ground. Take them overhead - it will make you strong, manly ... and it is just so much fun dropping heavy things from a height!!

I have some good resources on pressing but in your quest for overhead greatness don't overlook push-presses, jerks and thrusters. All will move you closer to your goal.

Check this out and feel free to hit me up if you have any more questions.

Cheers, kempie

TexasPatrick said...

Actually, you are my inspiration for this, I was going to say something on the brand x site like "Whereas Kempie has graduated to working on the alaska and hawaii of exercises, aka the freak things like doubleunders, I"m still working on the continental U.S. Crossfit . . . "

But I thought better of it.

And actually, I LOVE things like jerks, but realized I had a glaring lack of ability in overhead press.

Besides, until I get the overhead press up, things like Fran and Diane will be lacking.

Do very much appreciate the feedback.

And I'll see about the crossfit games if I can figure if they've got a kids division I can sneak in . . . then again, getting my arse whipped by Jeff Martin's kids doesn't sound so appealing. ;-)

Chris said...

I agree that regular CF programming is a little lacking for strict pressing off the shoulders. However, the ability to control the descent of weight to the shoulders is a very valuable tool.

I think Diane is all about upside down time. I have a very near bodyweight press, can get double figures with 2/3 bw but the HSPU's nail me every time. Solution - get upside down. Conversely, I am certain that this will help your overhead press.

Fran on the other hand is all about the hip snap and getting timing. Get that right and your shoulders will not have a chance to press the load.

Grace and your CFT are where the press really comes into play. 135lb for me (and I'm guessing for you) is too much to totally fire up with the hip. Having a strong press AND good press mechanics makes the push-press or jerk that much easier.

One last thing, in non met-con WOD's stand about a little with each rep overhead at the end of each set and really push it up while squeezing your body tight. Get used to having it up there and your body or brain won't whimper when you're trying to press it up. Similar to the HS holds I mentioned above.

Cheers, kempie