Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lordy pushups suck . . .

Three RFT

500 meter row
30 reps body weight bench

The scaling involved pushups. Porch was 90, pack was 60.

I did pack and that still rotted.


I was hoping this would have been a 20 minute workout.

I was down to doing 2-3 pushups at the end. It was just a fargity fargin slog.

Ah well.

I do wonder if I need to work those into my repetoire. My thinking is that they are baseline exercise, like the pullup, but not nearly as sexy and I need to be able to crank out like 50, which should be EASIER than pullups. From now on the warmup will always include sets of pushups, starting with 10 and moving to 15-20-25. Today was just embarrassing.

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