Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zone Diet Update

Zone Diet Update:

Still hovering around 170-171. Had dipped below, to 169, but have since not been back to that.

I'm not sure exactly why that is.

I was expecting 1-2 lb loss per week at this point.

I'll review and see if there is anything I am missing and need to tighten up on.

I think I have some tweaks that would work well. I suspect a couple of things, one that I've been eating left over Easter ham and that has higher fat content than say turkey or chicken. That may be throwing my fat blocks a little higher, even though I know the Zone counts some fat grams inherent to every block of protein, but even I think its a little high. I mean, 99% of the time there's no visible fat on the turkey meat. On the ham, 99% of the time, there's visible fat in every slice. So by having more fat, I may be holding my fat blocks higher than necessary to lose weight.

I may just back off, retool, and buckle down a little more. Because I'm already doing it, it's not like there are great gobs of additions to make.

Another 8-9 lbs would put me at approximately 10% bfp.

So, going forward: more lean lean lean protein, and watch the fat until I get down where I need to be.

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