Monday, March 10, 2008

Bad day at Dead Lifts-So not a pr

Deadlift Day: (see update at bottom)


282 (f)
272 (f)

Goes to show the benefits of prior planning. I had thought that my 5 rep max was 250. It was not. It is 231.

But having that 250 number in mind is what I used to do the progression today. Had I remembered properly, I would have scaled back.

As it was, I left the gym feeling a little punked, thinking I should have had more in me. When I got home, and realized this is a huge pr, so what in the heck am I being whiny for? The fact that I thought I could do 5 at 250, but only one at 262 and none higher should have clued me in, but man, my clue train was late today . . .

Update: Just went on the crossfit plano website, and saw a hideous picture of one of my deadlifts. My back is rounded so much I can't honestly say I made the lift. I didn't. Crap. Not to mention that one of the girls put up 250. Sheesh. This measurin' all my food better come to something.

And I went to the gym especially for this lift. I was feeling good!! What crap. Bleh.

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