Saturday, March 29, 2008

deads and deads

Crossfit Plano was going to do "Daniel", but since that involves both thrusters and pullups, and my shoulder is doing well, I thought I'd leave her be and spend the morning futzing about with the family.

Later on though did pushup practice


Double under practice:

got 9 consecutive DUs

At some point in the jumping around I realized I was blowing the old mark of 5 consecutive out of the water and was basically in mid air thinking "keep 'er going!!" But DUs are easy to frack up.

Then did deads, 175x5x5

Hadn't hit them in a while so I didn't want to hit the 185s again just yet. Oddly, and maybe this is just me, but the warmup 135 x 10 deads seems harder for some reason.

I also want to make sure after the last fiasco that I'm keeping my trunk and back in flexion and extension for the entire lift. Posterior Chain people, posterior chain . . . .

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