Sunday, March 16, 2008

It was a bear alright . . .

Did the "Bear" complex today. I may not get into the gym from Tues. on, so I figured I'd better do something tough today.

Good lord.

All sets unbroken . . . ha! That's a crossfit joke . . .


5 rounds of 7 reps each of:

power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press

The rules are as follows:

In a set, the only time the weight touches the ground is when you do your clean. You can't even regrip. You may get the weight up by power clean, deadlift then hang clean, squat clean (but, that doesn't count as your front squat . . . at the end of the clean, prior to the front squat, you must be standing). Front squat, back squat, self explanatory.

You can rest any way you want during your seven reps, but the weight can't be on the ground. And, you can rest between rounds as needed. You will need.

The overhead movement can be pressed, push pressed, or jerked. Which is a good thing . . . . as you'll see.

My weights were:


Thoughts? Fargity fargin tough. starting late into the 85 round, and the next two rounds were all jerks. That is, I couldn't get the weight above my head without dip-drive-jump under it.

Even then, I lost my form on the 4th rep of the 105 count and the weight came down . . . crappy part about that, is to finish, it's still gotta go up . . . . I had just finished the front squat and it went up about half way then came crashing down . . . yay. But I just backed off for a couple counts, and cleaned it back up, then it went overhead and I watched what I was doing from then on.


Anonymous said...

wow! it seems that the stuff you do on your own is rougher than the normal WOD!!! I was way too sore and tired yesterday after Chuck to do anything...

TexasPatrick said...

Man, yeah, I'm a bit sore today . . . I don't think the kettlebells are gonna be particularly pleasant tonight . . . . Oh well, rest on Tuesday . . .