Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5k uphill both ways!!!!

5k: 22:50

I was happy with this, this workouts out to 7:08 minute/miles.

That means, a 30 second increase drops me into the 6:00 something range.

I'd ultimately like to get this under 20.

Now, here's the thing: There's some nice validation going on here.

1) I'm not at my best running weight (need to drop about 4lbs for that)
2) I'm not eating anything near a high carb diet . . . . muahahahaa!
3) I'm not training running . . . at all.

And yet, I'm coming in at times I used to have to train (run run run run) months for. I mean many months.

So, thank you crossfit, thank you zone . . .

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