Sunday, February 17, 2008

Been on 'oliday Ginger?



75lb power snatch 75 reps for time

Pack scale

55lbs power snatch 50 reps


I don't know what the "goal" time of this is, i.e., what someone who can really rock, though I'll suggest that Kempie's 8:50 as Rx'd is probably close. The amazing Colsons rocked the weight up to 95, and did it in like 11-12 minutes. But they're strong as hell, so I don't know that helps me. ;-)

I don't think an extra 25 would have done me in. Alternately, I thought about doing more like 65lbs but 50 reps, but that wasn't an option in the scaling. It's a really fun WOD, as sad as the reason for it is. No one wants a hero workout, but we all want heroes. Well, non cynical bastards want them anyway.

I don't like to think I'm sandbagging, but I could have rocked this a little faster. Sometimes on a new workout I don't like to go all out because I don't know where I'm gonna die. So I think by not taking some of my dopey rest breaks, I could rock this one up to a minute faster. I thought I was pacing. I was stalling. There is a difference. ;-)

Alternately I should just bump up the weight. That'll teach me.

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metric said...

This just provoked me into posting a thread on the Brand X forum asking about target times for WODs.

I've toyed with asking about it for a while, especially after that incredibly useful discussion we had about Power a while back.

If there were a consistent way to know what they should be, that would give very useful information about whether I really should be trying for higher scalings just yet.