Monday, February 25, 2008

Zone day two

Weigh in: 179

Breakfast: 2 corn tortillas, 2 eggs, 2oz cheese, 1 oz ham, 1.5 apples. (Loved leaving half an apple for the wife. Very funny stuff: "Hey sugar, left you half an apple!" The best gifts are the unwanted kind!)

Snack 1: moo stick, 1/2 orange 3 cashews

Lunch: tuna sandwich, (5 oz tuna, 5 tsp light mayo, one slice bread), apple, half an orange.

Dinner: tuna sandwich, an orange, 3 dill pickles.

Snack will be the same cheese, wine, nuts, that I had last night.

Notes: gotta watch the timing in the afternoon, likely need a snack after lunch, and maybe a 4 block dinner and a snack at night. Came home and there was a lasagna on the stove. I can be indifferent when I'm not hungry, but man did that lasagna look good . . . .

Can't tell if I'm foggy or I am alert . . . like I would know. Or like anyone could tell the difference. :-)

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Anonymous said...

"Can't tell if I'm foggy or I am alert . . ."

I say yes, definitely