Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mad Skillz Day

Was here with the kids, so I couldn't get out and do the "Eva" (5 rft of 800 meter run, 30 2 pood (70lb) kb swings, 30 pullups) workout . . . bwaahahahaha!! Oh, I'll do that one when someone makes me! Ha!

Anyway, really needed to follow up on the shoulder diary . . . and just some general stuff, so I did skill work.

Practiced "double unders", and came to the conclusion, that while operator error is the reason for most of the fact that I can't do the darn things, equipment plays no small part. I had better luck with a piece of plain old nylon rope (soft, not that scratchy stuff, but 1/2 inch diameter?) than I did with two store bought ones.

Managed to get 10 or so on the "single single double" pattern. I'll try for 30, and when I get that, I'll see if I can get that down to 30 on the "single double" pattern. Then I think I'm there.

Then I did various sets of push ups:

10, feet on floor, hands on ball
10, feet on ball, hands on floor
10, feet on bench, hands on ball (really really hard)
10, hands on ball, one foot on floor.

Then went upside down (handstand against wall) for 3 minutes total (I think it was usually 20-30 seconds a pop).

Then finished up with 50 pushups for time, feet on bench, 3:50 ish. (I know I was sub four, but erased the time. Doh.)


Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to figure out how you got 10 feet....

TexasPatrick said...

Oh great, a visit by the grammar fairy . . . yay. ;-)