Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Zone Day 4

Weigh in: 176-177.

Need to watch this. If by the end of next week I'm losing more than 1lb a week, I'd better check and retool.

Breakfast: 5 block Smoothie.

Snack: moo stick, 1/2 orange, cashews.

Lunch, tuna salad, with a swap for mayo, 3 tbs mayo, 10 green olives chopped, 3 pickles, apple.

Note: very hungry about 3:00 so had the snack a bit early. Will have more than 3 hours till dinner. Likely need another snack.

Am also eating dinner at a restaurant. I've already looked at the menu, so I think I know what I'm going to have, salmon salad . . . whoohooo. I'll just have to ask about how much salmon goes on there . . . and one beer or so :-)

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