Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Crap Parenting: Follicle Follies

Dear daughter gets out of the car at school to day and to my horror I realize I hadn't brushed her hair . . . .

So there she goes in with her rat's nest.

I was thinking dang!! The wife will kill me!!

Then I thought: No, she won't see her till after school. Excuse generated: It got messy on the playground!!

Then I talk to wife on the way to work, as she's getting off her night nurse shift:

"Hey, I sent Julia to school with that chicken salad you made yesterday".

Wife: "I made that last week".

Me: "You mean I poisoned my daughter? I just sent her to school with chicken poison salad?"

Wife: "Don't worry, I'll take her lunch."

Me: "Oh thanks!!!"

Me two hours later when I realize she'll see that nasty hair . . . . uhhhhhggggg. I might as well have hung a sign on my girl: "My mom is the worst mom ever!!"

So, lemme 'splain. No, is too much, lemme sum up: Sent darling daughter to school with 1) ratty hair, 2) poison in her lunch box: "Poison isn't in the food! The food IS the poison!"

Good times, good times. Yep, I'm thinking "Dad of the year" is in the BAG!!!!

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