Saturday, January 3, 2009

Murph Suffer on Saturday

Crossfit Plano, Suffer on Saturday


Chose to do the half

800 meter run
50 pullups
100 pushups
150 squats
800 meter run

23-24 something . . . forgot to write it down . . .

Will attend to shoulder press later . . . that should be fun . . .

And something going on . . . check out last half murph . . . that's like a five minute difference, and it's not in the good direction.

Ugh. Note to self . . . no cheese fries the night before. Ugh. I'm a fat bar steward.


Joel said...

Eh. Win some, Loose some. Don't let it get you down. I'm still in pain from murph. The worst part is my wife laughing at me walking (etc) funny.

Are you planning on going to the 2009 CrossFit Games qualifiers as a participant, spectator, or volunteer?

I'm going to compete in them @ the dirty south qualifier. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet Mr. K. (can you think of anyone else I should plan to try and meet?)

I've been waiting to start a "CrossFit Games 2009: Dirty South" thread @ Brand X.. if you start a "CrossFit Games 2009: Hell's Half Acre", I'll follow suit.

Looks like we've got an ME day coming up. dammit. That means I gotta do the penalty wod. Especially since BM already did it.
I'm thinking of going more metconny than he did... 1 real MU and 2 jumpers per round.


TexasPatrick said...

I'm not sure if I'm going to the qualifiers. Probably not, but I don't know if we have anyone going. If we do, then I'll consider it.

I'm not sure if there's anyone else you'd want to meet up with, but I'll think about it. If someone on the list occurs to me, I'll remind you.

Yeah, I've got that me day coming up. If I can manage, I'll do it on Wed. or Thurs. As for the metcon, yeah, If I can manage, I'll set up two sets of rings, (if I do it at troy's place, easy to do.) and then do singles until they just stop happening then go to to the lower rings and do jumping.

The threads for the cfit games participants sounds cool. Would there be enough interest in all the areas or would the one that's there be enough for now?