Tuesday, January 27, 2009

to helen back

just an awful workout

helen, blah blah couldn't hang, had to drop the weight I had already done, pick up pansy kettlebell and still lost to the nugs.

I just lost it. Or something. I'm having a hard time holding a wod together. I very nearly just set the kettlebell down and walked out. I even took a week off but something's wrong and I can't tell what.
Now my back hurts from teh deads I did after because I wanted to do something and succeed and even that went all to crap because I was probably liftign with crappy form. But hey, that's how I roll, crappy and weak. It's been hours and it's still ticking me off.


metric said...

Hang in there Patrick.

Angry deadlifts may not have been the smartest thing to do though. :-)

Go for a run or do something else physical that doesn't have goals or measures to remove that pressure. Move for the fun of it.

I know the frustration of being under-strong as Bingo puts it. Everyone says it's OK to work at your own level, but what you really want is for your level to be better then their level. :-) You have a place in CrossFit and while that place may not be as the winner of the CF games, it's a perfectly valid place for you.
Somedays we suck, other days we suck too, we just don't care about it.

TexasPatrick said...

Thanks mate. That's exactly it.

Sometimes it's genuinely frustrating and there's no two ways about it. At those times I'm genius at finding all the things I don't like, the ways I suck, how I'm being done wrong, etc.

Yesterday was a perfect storm of tired, crabby, over reaching, under performing and getting picked on when i really wasn't in the mood.

Again, thanks for the perspective. That's all I need to maintain. I don't expect, at 43 to breath fire walking in the gym. This is a hobby that suits me and I normally enjoy. That's what's important that it brings some odd measure of joy to my life, not that I beat anyone or achieve any specific thing.

LauraR said...

Hey TP.

quitcherbitchin. ;)

I think I'm having a motivational deficit, myself.

Going to BX to get my butt kicked and see if it helps.

TexasPatrick said...

Ha!! Laura, still taking that correspondence course on "how to win friends and influence people"? I'd wait till you finish the course to practice it . . .


LauraR said...

Crap. Did I forget the smiley... oh wait...

hahah love ya!

LauraR said...
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Renee said...

i'm a little late to the post, TP...but i've also just come to the realization that i'm in my own little world of crossfit aggravation. (i'll have a post up in a bit).

But I'm pretty sure it's a cyclical thing. 1) OMG i'm a beast, 2) i'm doing pretty well, 3) UGH, I SUCK!, 4) i'm doing pretty well: rinse, repeat. :)

it'll come back...(hopefully it'll come back for me once i recover from these stupid HSPUs)

TexasPatrick said...


Yeah, the frustration comes and goes. Usually it's a bad day or somesuch and I shrug it off. It's one bad day of many many good ones. This was just a perfect storm of crappy performance and mid-winter blues (Yeah, that dim light is a bitch!--Darryl, "The Office").