Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Up up and overhead!!!!

Missed this a week ago at the gym, so here goes:

5 rft

Overhead lunges, 50ft, 45lb bar (2 x 20lb dumbells)
21 burpees

18:45 = 2:46/3:53/4:24/4:05/3:37

Hmm. Went out too fast, sloow middle, last two rounds, pickin' it up. How on earth is my last round my second fastest? Oh yeah, there was the "lack of character" break in round three . . .

If there was a problem, it was that due to space constraints in the gym, I'd hit a turn around, which was a pain . . . trying to pirouette with 40lbs shrugged up.

This was also as rx'd. ('cept the 5lb difference between the overhead bar and dumbells . . . )

Of further note, is the only thing suckier than burpees are burpees AND lunges, and the only thing suckier than a lunge is a weighted lunge, and the only thing suckier than a weighted lunge . . . is yeah, holding it overhead the whole time . .

But when you get done with this one, you're the Trapezius Monster, I had like muscles comin' out my ears!! Ha!

1 comment:

Rock Bottom Bruce said...

so... on the dumbells... you could've at least carried a 20 in one hand and 25 in the other for 25 feet and switched hands......

(there just has to be a job for me somewhere making up workouts for other people to do.......)