Saturday, April 19, 2008

Suffer on Saturday: Frelen

Yep, the bastard love child of Fran and Helen . . . yeah, I don't know the biology either . . . just go with it . .

5 rft

800 meter run
15 dumbbell thrusters @ 45lbs (used 35lbs)
15 pullups


That was kinda sucky. ;-)

The runs were fine. I may get a watch to figure out what my splits are so I can keep more consistency.

Pullups were good, 5/5/5 for most rounds, 2nd round did a 6/6/3, which is good, but last round I think it went 5/4/4/3. But still good recovery between mini sets. Troy even said I was flying around the bar.

Got called skinny by one of the trainers too. Ha!! Three people in two days! Ha!

Thrusters: oh lord. Okay, I got through them, but need much better form. Used Kempie's advice and came up slow, but popped my hips to get some momentum. Troy kept on my form for what seemed like, oh, hours.

Things to work on: flexibility to go deeper in the squat and keep weight/back balance.

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