Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beach Assault

"Beach Assault" (subs noted, did porch scale)
Row to shore:
1000 meter row
Climb the cliff:
5 rope climbs (3 on regular rope)
Assault the Target
100 burpees (75)
100 wallball shots 20lb (75)
Carry the Wounded:
200 meter Farmer's Walk, 2x32 kg kb (did 24kg kb)
Descend the Cliff:
5 Rope climbs (3 on regular rope)
1000 meter row


Compare with 01/05/08 at 30:29

So, my takeaway is this: 25 more burpees, 25 more wallballs, regular rope, only cost me 1 minute more. :-) I like.

It was tough deciding the correct scale. Last time I did the pack scale, so I had a choice of sticking with that, and seeing a decreased time or upping the scale. I don't like to jump scale too much because then it's harder to tell what, if any, improvement you can make, so I stuck with going up one. But, I figured I could finish the rx'd scale and now I'm sure I could have, but I don't know if those extra rope climbs, burpees and wallballs would have punched me to the 40 minute mark. Probably.

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