Saturday, January 5, 2008

Beach Assault

Crossfit Dallas (Plano, TX)

"Beach Assault" (subs noted, did pack scale)
Row to shore:
1000 meter row
Climb the cliff:
5 rope climbs (3 on knotted rope)
Assault the Target
100 burpees (50)
100 wallball shots 20lb (50)
Carry the Wounded:
200 meter Farmer's Walk, 2x32 kg kb (did 24kg kb)
Descend the Cliff:
5 Rope climbs (3 on knotted rope)
1000 meter row


Ow. Very happy with the time though. 8 minutes of that was rowing. And a bunch of minutes was probably wasted psyching myself up to go back up the rope . . . nothing like hanging there at the top with no grip left . . .

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