Monday, January 14, 2008

Man, that's some slooooow post

After the Christmas present fest died down, we realized a couple things we thought were supposed to come didn't. We knew some things had been bought off our Amazon lists, but the stuff never showed up. I mentioned it to DW but she shrugged it off, her reasoning being maybe the stuff didn't ship and the senders changed their minds. No biggie.

But also, around the same time, DW ordered a new stethoscope for her new nursing gig. She needed an infant sized one, so ordered on-line. It was supposed to show up on Christmas eve, but no dice. No show.

Now, that, she wanted to track down, so she spent all sorts of time on the phone with the seller, and at our post office, and finally the seller agreed to send her a new one, of the one she wanted, which was nice of them, since neither of us thought they were at fault.

So come yesterday as we come back from church, there are two packages on the porch. On January 13, Sunday. Two packages. One from, and one from the stethoscope supply company. And they weren't there before we left at 10:15.

Ha! I'm guessing a neighbor realized they had the packages, forgot to give them to us, then were embarrassed that they had them for so long, so waited till we weren't there or that we might not know they were putting them on the porch. Very funny, really . . . and now DW has like three stethoscopes . . .

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