Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh noes!! My fancy learnin' gotz no value!!

I guess they hadn't heard the old joke:

Lawyer to Plumber: What's the bill?
Plumber: "Well, two hours work, so $600"
Lawyer: "What?! That's outrageous! I'm a lawyer and I don't bill that much!"
Plumber: "Yeah, well, when I was a lawyer I couldn't bill that much either."

I loves it when smart people is stupid.

F'instance, if you did what I did and got to college et. all, plus masters degrees, all in all taking a well more than a full decade to get to a real job, (with 4 years in the army 5 years in college, and a year between college and law school) before I had my first "this is what I want to do" job, that guy who got on at the Mitsubishi plant has been making 50k a year . . . every year since graduation. He's 500k to the good of you before you ever cash paycheck one.

Then lets add in some student loans, so more of your after tax money goes to service that, AND you may not start out at that high a salary. Plus, even if you get 100k a year as a starting salary, if you add in the opportunity costs, and other eco-jumble, you take a LONG time to catch up.

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