Tuesday, January 29, 2008

wham bam thank you sam . . .


Got in a car wreck. I use the passive (is that the passive voice) because I was the one wrecked. I did no wrecking . . .

At least the kids weren't in the car and it looks like it's just the back passenger corner and trunk that will need work. It drove away.

But dang. I cannot express the love I have for that car. I always had two kinds of cars: crap cars, or necessity cars. Usually some combination of the two: the crapnessity car.

A crap car is just that: it's crappy. Like the $500 '78 ford thunderbird with the huge doors and trunk that was shared by three guys, and was started with a key AND a screwdriver and whose lights had the unfortunate habit of simply going off whilst you were driving it: I kid thee not: Grown men screaming because on some back road in Massachussets, the headlights and everything just went out. At 50 mph. Good times good times.

A necessity car is just that: you need a car because you need a car and if you're not picky that's fine, but it's also meant what I got was a ford escort. Now that escort has been a hell of a car. It's run and run and run. It has 160,000 miles on it. But, you know, there's just no chemistry. Our relationship is purely platonic.

Now a crapnessity car is just that: it's crappy and you need it. It's like a logic puzzle. Almost all crap cars are crapnessity cars, but not all necessity cars are crap cars . . .

Anyway, fast forward to my Acura. I finally had a decent job and could afford something reliable and nice where I got to pick all the stuff on it. I had a nav system, it drives swell, has ne'er given me a lick of trouble. I'm talkin love . . . .

At least the guy who hit me seems like a stand up guy. Gotta appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

oy! bummer on taking one in the butt...... end of the car.

I'm still rolling in my 2000 Taurus with 175,000+ that started it's life as the nicest car I'd bought and has morphed into.... well... an 8 year old car with 175k

My vehicle that randomly lost power was a 1976 Dodge van... but, when the power went out on it it was lights AND ignition... 65mph with no lights, no go and no power steering to get it to the side

TexasPatrick said...

Whoa! I've had power go out, and lights, but not lights and power at the same time.

Hey, a car with that kind of mileage is nothing short of awesome.

I used to see this car occasionaly on my way to work. It was a '70s something or other but it had a sign in the window: No power steering. No power brakes. No a/c. No payments since the Nixon administration.