Thursday, January 24, 2008

Handstands and Monkeybars

Crossfit Plano, TX 6:00 am

Normally, I joke whenever someone says "gee that was fun" about anything crossfit. Kind of like "I really love crossfit, only two times: before I start the routine and after I'm done".

But today was a lot of fun because all we did was play at getting better at stuff. Skill Practice Day: Handstands - Freestanding and Supported Challenges: Handwalking (distance) Handstand Push Ups (max reps - supported or unsupported) Monkey Bar 'Runs' (normal, skip rungs, double hand 'jump') Okay, I'm still on my one rep of a full hspu. So that wasn't helpful. Working the progressions from pikes. The Monkey bar runs were really fun. I couldn't get the double hand jump though. I think there is a picture of me missing it to be posted later. Then did pushup position hold for time. I nearly got 3 minutes . . . stud Bret got 8. wow and ow.

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