Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Crap parenting: the uh-huh chronicles . . .

I was doing dishes/making dinner (can't recall which, usually I do them as I go along while making dinner but hey . . . ) and the girl wanted me to play dolls with her.

We had played earlier, but she was telling me all about how this time, we were going to have a contest, and there was a fashion show, and lots of other things, but I was busy trying to get dishes done and dinner fixed (a quite good pan of enchiladas, I might add).

So I said "gotcha" after some remark . . . and decided until I needed to actually pay attention, that was the only answer she was going to get. I counted at least 40 "gotchas". She didn't catch on . . . this time.


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff.. I was watching 2 and a Half Men last night and Charlie was saying "I understand" after anyone said anything remotely important. Even though he explained that by saying "I understand" that was no indication that he agreed, cared or understood.

TexasPatrick said...

Oh man, I even stopped looking over at her. She didn't care. I gave up before she did.