Monday, January 7, 2008

The Prisoner

I remember something from when I was little, this scary thing I saw on television. It was a big white ball, that chased people. And when it caught them it would envelop them and you would see their faces contorted and apparently screaming from within this thing. It's kind of spooky as an adult, but as a kid, I had bad dreams for years over that thing. Or rather, that thing became one of the regular bad guy players in my dreams. Every once in a while it was the big white bouncy ball that chases and eats you . . .

Fast forward (or slow forward if you like) to a few months ago, when a friend at work loans me a copy of his dvds of "The Prisoner" series.

I pop the first dvd in, having no real expectations, other than his description of this as this kind of avant guard television series, containing interesting symbolism. I thought it sounded interesting, at least, from his description.

But there it is: the giant white ball. It has a name: Rover. It captures those escaping from "The Village".

It is an odd odd show. Well written. Interesting. But I'm about 2/3 of the way through and want to reserve judgment until the end, but there are interesting things to note: Everyone in the Village has a number, not a name. Yet Number 6, the protagonist, never says "I'm not Number 6, I'm "John Smith" or whatever his name is. He will say he's a "free man", but he doesn't seem to ever mention his name.

Like I said, not the usual.

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