Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three things a man won't admit . . .

1) He's wrong: "It's not the most right I have ever been . . . "
2) He makes a mediocre chili: "Ah, it's only so-so, most folks don't like it, and the ones that do have no taste anyway. . . . "
3) He does a bad Elvis impersonation: "Thank yah very much Uh huh, Hunka hunka burnin' love!" You could be curling up both sides of your mouth like some picture in a Dentist's Magazine and you'd still be all insulted if someone told you that wasn't all that good . . . then again, is there such thing as a good Elvis impersonation?

I've stolen each one of those from different sources. My genius is in the aggregation . . . .

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