Saturday, September 11, 2010

front squats db bear complex

[quote author="TexasPatrick" date="1284270381"]Front squats

5x 80/100/120/140/160

deadlift therapy: 20x105

dead hang pullup practice

5x7 (worked out to 8-8-7-7-9)

Then the first dynamic clean wod I've done in a couple weeks:

Coach Rut's DB bear complex

5x db deadlifts @ 35lb db
5x db power cleans
5x db thrusters


Very very slow, but I was pausing to reset between rounds and was trying to over emphasize form.

It still sucked so bad I couldn't believe it. Thanks JTM.

I cannot fathom trying to do 20 rounds of that . . . even if I drop to 25 or 20lb dbs. I need to spend more time with my friend Coach Rut. I've got dbs at the gym in the hotel when I travel . . . if I can't get to CFNE . . . I can self abuse in the hotel . . .[/quote]

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