Friday, August 28, 2009

Front squats/high rep back squats

Front squats

1x195 (pr)

Back Squats

10x185 PR

Interesting. I stopped at 195, because I felt I might dump 205. Though the more I think about it, I didn't get that eye bulging elbow dipping nonsense I might have gotten. I think it was a really good lift in that it went down and up, slowed a bit out of the hole and then popped up. I maybe should have pushed it but took my PR and went home.

Kinda fried for the back squats. For reasons too stupid to explain, I went up 10lbs from 175 last week to 185 and did ten. I like the effect of the high rep squats for capacity building, but don't feel like farting around for 5 weeks to put another 5lbs on a 20 rep set.

Per Rip, I think his 20 rep max is 10lbs every week. Ugh. And always 20 reps. But it's screamingly hard.

So I figure 10lbs, and then a 10/15/20 week progression so I don't spend 20 months getting the weight up.

It's interesting that 10 reps at 185 is okay, but 3-5 at 205, 20lbs different is still very hard. My front squat is now 195 for one rep. My back squat is like 5x205 and 3x225. Still think I need to make 5x progress before more 3x. This week was just bad. I typically take a rest day before squat day and this time I did 100 burpees . . . mayhaps there's something there?

Okay, all thought out now . . .

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