Saturday, October 22, 2011

Squats, deads, heavy must be Saturday....

[quote author="kempie" date="1319335731"]
To be fair mate it makes a huge deal if you are doing something or just sitting/ standing around. J.ust realised while talking to Jane today that if I popped off a couple of rounds of the CFWU every class I'd stay warm and get better at the basics. All that said, after over 2 hours of coaching I was seriously cold without any coffee ...

Cheers, kempie[/quote]

Aye Mate, that's true. But the Scots were sitting around about to melt... ;-)

Haha! Yeah, we felt fine-ish in shorts and all...


3x3 Squats and Deadlifts


Back isn't bothering me at all. May begin to work into more dynamic stuff a bit at a time, cleans etc.

3x7 Weighted dips:

7+10, 7+15, 7+20

3x8 back extensions

And just to play around 10x box squats @95lbs. Interesting.


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