Tuesday, March 30, 2010

heavy squats, tabata front squats, pullups

Took a deload type of day, tested the back given that I high rep squatted on Saturday and kinda wrenched it. Seems good to go.

3x5 back squats


Then tabata front squats @ 75lbs


Man . . . I could see that turning a stomach inside out . . . that was, light as it was, nasty.

Also armstrong day 3

palm away training sets: 6/6/6
palm facing, close grip 6/6/6
palm away training sets 6/6/5 . . . .

I need to go back to 5's and see how many 5 training sets I can get. This one was tough. Maybe I do this on Thurs? Everything else is going up, but this is stuck. I think I have done the sets of 6 before, I'll just have to dig in and get it.

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