Saturday, March 6, 2010

Front squats/deadlifts/overhead squats

In the garage

Front Squat:

3x5 135/155/175

Then 15-12-9

Deadlift @ 185
ohs @ 75


That was a crummy workout. I started the deads cold, i.e., didn't do any warm up reps at lighter weight and my back seemed kinda funky in that I couldn't seem to hold position at speed. Don't think there was anything wrong going on, just seemed like I was fighting for every rep and that shouldn't have been the case at this weight.

OHS were unbroken which means they were probably a touch too light.

On a better note, Bruce, the guy I have been working out with had a pretty good day, his front squat at 135 today looked MILES better than his max front squat at 115 did 5 weeks ago.


LauraR said...

Dude, 185# OHS for reps...that's crazy.

TexasPatrick said...

that's because it's not.

It's deads at 185, 75lbs for ohs. I'll fix it because I won't perp a fraud . .

LauraR said...

ha! whew!

I totally believed you could do it.

So get on it.